Blueprint for a Secure Cyber Future: Vision and Goals

The blueprint developed by Homeland Security Enterprises stipulates the department’s vision, its guiding principles, and two focus areas for a secure cyber future. The focus areas are exhaustively supported by four goals each. The first area of focus concentrates on cyber ecosystems vital to America while the second area concentrates on the evolutionary nature of the computing environment. These visions, guiding principles, goals, and objectives are realistic and achievable. However, some key elements are missing, for instance, the role of cyber users.

The blueprint’s visions, goals, and principles are closely linked with other key policies and strategies and it underpins almost all the facets of American life. For this case, the blueprint possesses a wholesome outlook rather than a sole independent principle for achieving a secure cyber future. It calls for the involvement and support of all visionaries, leaders, and all members of the homeland security enterprise.

Several stakeholders including international partners were involved in drafting the blueprint. Each of the group’s views was incorporated thereby enhancing solidarity while developing the cybersecurity visions that are vital to the economy, national security, and public health and safety.

Although the blueprint calls for all-around participation, it mostly stipulates the role of homeland security forgetting to clearly state the role of cyber users. Nevertheless, the vision holds up a secure and resilient infrastructure that encourages innovation and prosperity while upholding privacy and civil liberties. It underscores the need for free trade and the flow of information while recognizing global responsibility and national needs.

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