Detecting Spam Email on a Hotel Front Desk Computer

Spam is emails that are unsolicited messages sent repeatedly and in bulk to an individual or organization. To differentiate spam emails from legitimate ones, it is recommended that one should check for typos and unusual phrasing of the messages contained in the email and whether they have links that they are unfamiliar with. As a precaution, one should not click these strange links. Secondly, the individual should check emails based on the work context, including whether they are expecting a legit email from their business associates or bosses. Finally, one should check if, in the email, the sender is asking for personal information such as credit card numbers or passwords.

The average daily rate (ADR) refers to the average revenue generated from occupied rooms at a particular time, while the total revenue per available room (TRevPAR) refers to the proportion of the hotel revenue generated by a single room. On the one hand, hotel front office staff are in direct contact with the guests and build business relations. On the other hand, they are also involved in customer service activities such as checking in, receiving calls and handling complaints and feedback. The two sets of roles may increase or decrease room sales, thus affecting the ADR and TRevPAR of their hotels.

Clean data refers to accurate information regarding the guests held within a hotel’s database. The front office uses this data to determine the outcomes of the hotel’s sales and marketing efforts and the progress of their roles as a unit. They also use it to determine whether their guests are satisfied or not and dictate customer-staff relations. Also, the front office can make personalized arrangements targeting each of their guests, giving the impression of customized services.

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