Activision Blizzard Firm’s Organizational Culture

The role of strategy, culture and the organization’s management system cannot be underestimated. Competent and thoughtful management, taking into account the needs and desires of employees, and effective management are distinguished by increasing the results of the organization’s activities. In addition, these factors contribute to the optimization of labor and material costs and help the company clearly achieve its main goal. The need for strategically correct management is determined by the creation of an organization in which people work to achieve a common goal and, at the same time, satisfy their interests. At the same time, the functions that are associated with the coordination and establishment of interaction within the organization are of particular importance.

In this regard, the heads of organizations must strive to find the most effective management methods to successfully make it possible to exist for many years. Strategic management ensures the company’s successful survival in a rapidly changing external environment in the long term (Bryson & George, 2020). It is presented as a guarantee of prosperous and long-term functioning, and that is why it is so important. The high professionalism and creativity of employees who provide the company with sufficient relationships with customers, investors, and the entire external environment, updating and introducing innovation into the organization are presented as the results of a successful strategy of the company. Moreover, it ensures the successful implementation of current and future plans.

The successful activity of an organization also directly depends on the culture formed in it. It should take into consideration traditions, values, and views that reflect the collective worldview of the employees. Organizational culture primarily has the role of motivating people (Paais & Pattiruhu, 2020). The importance of organizational culture is especially valuable, as shown in the example with Activision. It helps employees to realize their organizational identity and is an essential source of stability and consistency in the work. Moreover, knowledge of the organizational culture can help new employees smoothly and painlessly integrate into the team and interpret the events taking place in it.

In solving the operational problems that an organization faces, trying to combine individual creativity and freedom with corporate bureaucracy is a critical aspect to eliminate. The opposition of these two concepts represents the degree of survival of any company in the sphere of economy and competition in the market. Creative activity is a reflection of how much the company and its managers are ready for innovations in their work process.

Corporate bureaucracy deprives employees of the opportunity to show their creative abilities. This is due to its characteristics, such as a strict hierarchy of employees, the desire to have a monopoly on information, to manage the future workers in the organization, and the definition of economic and social policy without involving the opinions of others. Activision company implemented the correct activities in the case under study, giving its employees the opportunity to prove themselves and not limit their work to orders and charters. This approach to the organization’s operations encourages creativity, motivation, and interest in the organization’s further development.

The task of a human resources manager in modern companies is to create favorable conditions for achieving business goals. Unlike such firms as General Motors and American Airlines, human resource managers in a business like Activision are more focused on developing the creative component of employees. This is due to the fact that Activision works in a highly competitive field of the gaming industry, where organizations constantly need to come up with something new and innovative.

Each employee and the result of their activity in a company that encourages creativity is unique. However, it is necessary to expand the freedom of people in the workplace. To begin with, this may concern such aspects of activity as production rules and standards of behavior. Moreover, an increase in freedom can be expressed in additional privileges. The manager can allow employees to use a certain period of working time for their personal initiative development. Such a step will help to motivate and contribute to the development of great original ideas and form trust in the working team.

Creative orientation, adequately encouraged by management, can be an outstanding achievement of the organization. It directly affects labor productivity, improving the quality of employees’ work and achieving better results. In addition, it enhances the quality and effectiveness of organizational decisions. A significant role in this aspect is also played by the strategy and culture of the organization, which contribute to the company’s long-term existence in the competitive market. Therefore, there is a need for the introduction of promising innovations, and the productivity of employees and their professional habits increase. At the same time, it is necessary to remember that creativity develops in such companies where there is a high level of motivation because of interest and satisfaction with work and not because of external pressure.


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