Leadership and Management Are the Same

There has been an ongoing debate among academics and experts arguing that leadership is different from management in several aspects such as orientation, duties, and character. Following the discussion, numerous researchers and scholars have written about differences between managers and leaders. The supporters of this idea argue that leaders are visionary while managers are task oriented. Another difference is that leaders do the right thing while managers do things right. These are a few of the stated differences between leaders and managers. However, to successfully achieve organizational goals, leaders must be managers as managers are leaders.

Leadership and management cannot be separated as both skills are required to achieve organizational success. Azad et al. (2017) posits that if a leader is required to be visionary about a strategy, they must have the skills to carry out the required duties to achieve it effectively. In addition, if a manager is allocated a task, they should have the skills to complete it as expected and be visionary about it. The application is no different in academic or other organizational settings. Therefore, leadership is the skill that differentiates good managers from bad ones.

Both leadership and management skills are acquired through learning, experience and environmental factors such as family values. Azad et al. (2017) criticize the idea that leadership is an inbuilt characteristic while management is a learned skill. Azad et al. (2017) disagree with the idea that one is born a leader and suggest that leadership is formed from self-reflection and awareness. Subsequently, leadership is an art of the craft that one gains from their environment. Thus, it is possible that one is a leader but not a manager, and vice versa is true.

In an ever-dynamic business environment, it is essential that a firm hires adaptable employees with both leadership and managerial skills. Azad et al., (2017) argue that continuing to differentiate management from leadership will leave organizations with unanswered questions on how to leverage human capital towards achieving the organizational goals. Leadership and management concepts can be differentiated theoretically but not practically. In high performing organizations and academic settings, people who can act diligently and appropriately to the situation at hand are needed for success. Every organization needs people who are managers as well as leaders to carry out its daily activities successfully.

The authors of the article “Leadership and Management Are One and the Same” have made significant contributions to the leadership field by debating the definitions that separate management from leadership. They have successfully identified similar characters of leaders and managers. The article convinces the reader of the importance of both skills in an organizational set up. It acts as a motivation for employees willing to improve their competence by equipping them with the relevant knowledge.

Moreover, this article could be used by organizational leaders to hire and train highly competitive employees. According to the writing, organizations should hire employees who demonstrate both leadership and managerial skills to successfully achieve their goals. Employees with leadership skills are in a position to be visionary and carry the organization’s objectives as they perform their duties. Management skills help employees to utilize the resources provided to perform a task effectively. This article shows the possibility of one to be a leader as well as a manager hence, encouraging them to pursue both skills.


Azad, N., Anderson, H. G., Brooks, A., Garza, O., O’Neil, C., Stutz, M. M., & Sobotka, J. L. (2017). Leadership and management are one and the same. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 81(6). Web.

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