Company’s Marketing Plan

Executive Summary Company is a fitness company committed to transforming people by providing a personal trainer, nutritional diets, body supplements for burning fat, and bodybuilding. Some of the products and services for the company include clothing and accessories, vitamins and health, weight management, performance, and protein. Target customers include baby boomers, people in sports, couples, men and women of all social and economic classes. The organization’s main goal is to have a 10% increment in market share in the next two years. To achieve its goal, set objectives include:

  1. To become the most outstanding fitness company in the USA.
  2. To produce and sell quality products.
  3. To treat its customers with utmost priority.

The company’s positioning statement is, “Too young and elderly, is the only dealer in the fitness industry that offers products and services, which are affordable, quality, and with immense positive health outcomes.”

Company Profiles

The business’s name is Company, headquartered at 9169 W State 510, Boise, USA. It was founded in 2015. The company belongs in the fitness industry, with annual revenue estimated at $228.4m. The major products and services for the company include clothing and accessories, vitamins and health, weight management, performance, and protein. Target customers include everyone, irrespective of age, gender, and social status. The company website link. The company also has 450 employees with direct internet distribution channels. Some of the key competitors for the company are GNC Inc., VITACOST, and The Vitamin Shoppe.

Market Segmentation and Targeting

The company is committed to transforming its customers by providing personal trainers, nutritionists, and body supplements to burn fat, build muscle, and become the best self. Workout clothing has a specific purpose, and the products offered will keep individuals warm or cool during activities and exercises to attain optimum requirements. The potential customers for the business will include older adults, parents, students, newbies, multicultural groups, and differently-abled people.

The key segments within this market include making friends, losing it, peak performers, health requirements, and sports focus. The taking-shape market segment comprises customers primarily interested in improving the look of their body through weight training, bodybuilding, and forms of body sculpture. The segment mainly involves young people with an equal mix of females and males. The main interest in this category is the facilities offer weight training equipment and suitable classes that support their goals. In addition, the peak performers segment comprises highly disciplined and self-motivated persons about their fitness and health, focusing on achieving their personal best, like bodybuilding, weight lifting, endurance, and running times. These consumers are mainly attracted by flexible opening hours and a broad choice of facilities and equipment and tend to be long-term consumers.

Furthermore, the third segment is the health requirements, which comprises individuals who attend a fitness center to improve their strength, health, and doctors’ orders. Consumers in this segment do not overly relish exercise programs, as they only perceive them as a chore. However, these consumers can benefit from personal trainers and relationships with fitness company staff that increase their level of attendance. The Sports Focus segment involves people in sports, including those at competitive levels who use the fitness center to improve their general fitness and strength to participate in their selected sport. These consumers are motivated and looking forward to exercise and equipment supporting their specific sporting requirements.

Situation and Company Analysis

Economic Environment

Pricing, employment and real income, currency exchange, availability of credit and interest rates, tax rates, supply and demand, and inflation rates will impact consumers’ purchasing power and spending patterns. The current economic environment for the business is in a recovery state following the COVID-19 pandemic that influenced people and businesses across the globe. However, using the internet will be easy to find staff for any help required.

Technical Environment

To keep abreast with changes in technology, the company will continuously incorporate technologies related to its industry as it creates new markets and can influence competitors and customers. The business will be determined to understand the rate of technological diffusion, its influence on the value chain and cost structures, and product offering. In the 21st century, technology has greatly influenced industries across the board. Current gym businesses use online platforms for advertisement, selling products, and offering training sessions to their subscribed customers.

Industry Environment

Currently, the fitness industry has experienced trends in fitness trackers, group training, high-intensity interval training, fitness programs designed for the elderly, and bodyweight-based training. These trends have resulted in declined popularity of traditional gym activities such as strength and weight training. Most people use fitness trackers to monitor their health and calories spent to understand their in-gym performance.

Competitive Environment

The top three business competitors are GNC Inc., Vitacost, and Vitamin Shoppe. GNC Holdings, Inc. deals in nutrition and health-related products, including energy products, diet, sports nutrition, herbs, minerals, supplements, and vitamins. GNC has a high overall rating for producing a massive catalog of high-quality products online and in retail stores across the USA. The company is outstanding because they set a standard for supplement marketplaces. As an e-commerce company, Vitacost sells organic grocery products, supplements, and vitamins. Vitacost produces quality products in various fields and has excellent pricing to maintain a competitive market advantage over other top competitors. Vitamin Shoppe is a retailer of nutritional supplements that ensures all its products are put through thorough quality assurance tests and third-party testing to verify potency and purity, thus, making it outstanding. Based on the strategic position of and the provision of discounted prices on all services and products offered, and the use of mobile phone applications for customer interaction, the business will be at a competitive edge.

Political Environment

The business will be operating in many countries. Therefore, it will be exposed to different political environments and system risks. However, with a diversification of the business, it will be possible to overcome most political risks, such as mandatory employee benefits, product labeling, industrial safety regulations, pricing regulations, trade regulations, and tariffs. The current political environment for the business is stable and good for its operations.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths Weaknesses
  • The organization has a strong brand presence and embraces technology.
  • The organization uses a digital marketing platform for marketing activities.
  • The company has unique products and services that satisfy the needs of its target market.
  • The company’s products pass through a series of quality assurance tests before being sold to consumers.
  • The product brings faster recovery and weight management.
  • The resources are insufficient for marketing activities.
  • The company does not specify services ccording to customer preferences.
  • Some of the products have limitations such that not everyone can use.
Opportunities Threats
  • Increasing market demand due to the increasing elderly and adult population needs to balance their health and well-being.
  • COVID-19 pandemic has changed physical fitness training trends, with more people preferring online sessions. Thus, it will motivate the company to diversify its operation to include online services.
  • Competitors have well-organized digital marketing platforms to reach out to customers.
  • Competitors employ product differentiation and offer high-quality products and services through well-established quality assurance teams.
  • Customers dislike the company’s long time of product delivery.
  • Change in buying and consumer-behavior trends due to social media use.

Mission, Objectives, and Goals


To create the best fitness site, help everyone meet health needs, and be better people in society.


  • To be the most outstanding fitness company in the country.
  • To produce and sell quality products and educate consumers on the importance of a fitness diet and workout.
  • To prioritize customers and serve the communities with trust and accountability.


The main company goal is to increase the market share of fitness products by 10% in the two fiscal years.

Ethics and Social Responsibility

The business has deeply woven strategic issues of the environment and society into its mission and interactions with stakeholders. Consumers have become deeply invested in better know-how of services and products they buy. The business sees that the entire journey from production to consumption is monitored through the internet and other technologies. To create a more ethical and sustainable business, all stakeholders must engage in global community actions such as workout for a campaign supporting social organizations.

Marketing Information and Research

Research Question

The current problem is that people are not sufficiently motivated to work out and maintain a healthy diet. Most existing gyms and health clubs have not recognized how to make working out fun and the necessity of sticking to a healthy diet plan. The organization will regularly develop an interactive sessions with consumers and develop follow-up plans to solve this problem. The organization will use secondary data sources to track users’ records for products and conduct interviews to evaluate areas that need improvement.

Customer Decision-Making Profile

Based on the market segmentation, women are the potential target consumers. Women from 25 to 40 years are mainly the target market of zone fitness. Working-class women in this age group are more health-conscious and enjoy their exercise in health and fitness centers as they get relaxed in the environment. The organization will strive to provide products and services that ensure this target market meets its health requirements in time. The organization will employ marketing strategies to fulfill consumers’ needs.

Positioning and Differentiation

The organization produces unique clothing and accessories, protein, vitamins and health, weight management, and products and services that improve performance. A positioning strategy that will be employed includes using customer benefits, product characteristics, and competitor approaches. These will assist in communicating company images that are referenced to an existing well-defined image. The positioning statement of the company: “Too young and elderly, is the only dealer in the fitness industry that offers products and services, which are affordable, quality, and with immense positive health outcomes.


The business will build an RSP TrueFit brand suitable for people with various health conditions, pregnant, breastfeeding, and on medication. The brand has high-quality amino acid and protein content that supports lean muscle and faster workout recovery, promoting weight management and making an individual feel more satisfied.

Brand Voice and Personality

  • RSP TrueFit are: rich in quality amino acid and protein content that supports weight management and faster workout recovery.
  • RSP TrueFit is never: good for individuals on medications, breastfeeding, and any health conditions.

Marketing Mix (4Ps)

  • Product Strategy. The organization produces and sells fitness and health products currently in the growth life cycle. The products are of high quality, meeting customers’ preferences. Their production is consistent with increasing demand.
  • Pricing Strategy. The organization offers all the products and services at discounted prices to attract more customers and maintain a competitive market advantage edge. The pricing of products is within the range of the fitness industry and in such a manner that correlates with prestige, quality, and value.
  • Distribution Strategy. The major distribution channel for the business will include social media channels such as YouTube and Instagram. These platforms will be used for both marketing and selling. To cover all areas of the country and enhance the efficiency of service and product delivery, the company will open retail outlets at strategic points closer to potential customers.
  • Promotion: Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy. Some promotional strategies include advertising, personal selling, direct marketing, public relations, and sales promotions to achieve the company goal. All users will be encouraged to post their experiences online using the products. The company will also create awareness through a digital campaign, which will ensure that the business reaches the target market and achieve the company goal. The campaign message will align with the positioning statement to ensure the message conveyed reflects the organization’s motives.


Table 1 Marketing Campaign Budget.

Item Purpose Cost Estimate
Item #1 Print materials Establishes brand by bringing aesthetic qualities of texture, images, colors, and fonts to establish brand recognition. $500.00
Item #2 Online media tools Help in managing the workflow required by social media by making the process easier, more organized, and more effective. Connects companies directly to their customers. $500.00
Item #3 Design services Communicate and strengthen branding and emphasis the campaign message. $2500.00
Item #4 Content development services Attracts, engages, and retains an audience by creating and sharing relevant podcasts, videos, and articles. $1200.00
Item #5 Equipment rental Facilitates marketing campaign $1500.00
Item #6 Labor Uses tools and equipment to turn inputs into output during a marketing campaign. $2300.00
Total $8,500.00

Estimated Campaign Impact

Every $1 spent on a marketing campaign will be projected to yield approximately $5 in revenue. Therefore, it is estimated that the campaign will positively impact the business, such that the revenue will grow by $42,500. An effective marketing campaign has the potential to attract more sales, improve the company’s reputation, create an audience, build trust with prospects, build a knowledge base, and improve understanding of the market.

Action Plan

Table 2 Marketing Campaign Action Plan.

Timing Activity Type Brief Description Audience Owner
April 4, 2022 Designer creative brief Draft a creative brief outlining all campaign elements that the designer must complete. Designer Jerry Allison
April 10, 2022 Design work completion Approve email template, flyers, digital ads, website updates, posters, and coupons Families and public Designer with Jerry
April 12, 2022 Production of print materials Complete production of fliers, coupons, and posters Printing manager Jerry Allison
May 5, 2022 Employee briefing Conducting campaign information sessions with workers, going through frequently asked questions, and sharing campaign materials Workers Store managers with Jerry Allison
May 10, 2022 Campaign launch: in-store Prepare in-store content information, coupons, flyers, and posters display for a campaign. Store customer Store manager
May 10, 2022 Follow-up activities and evaluation of campaign effectiveness Check if the campaign launch has updates and everything is in order Designer Jerry Allison
May 20, 2022 Campaign launch: digital Activate and test website updates and campaign forms or pages, send targeted campaign email messages. Friends email list Jerry Allison
May 20, 2022 Follow-up activities and evaluation of campaign effectiveness Check if the campaign launch has updates and everything is in order Designer Jerry Allison
June 1, 2022 Campaign launch: social media Initiate social media activities, including daily social media posts for friends, employees, and Facebook ads. Public Jerry Allison
July 1, 2022 Follow-up activities and evaluation of campaign effectiveness Check if the campaign launch has updates and everything is in order Designer Jerry Allison

Risk Factors

The company will identify any dependencies or risks that might jeopardize the whole process of marketing campaign. Every key person will be counted for their skills, availability, and capacity to execute the campaign effectively. Understanding that the technology works effectively to execute the plan and realize campaign goals will also be essential. Communication will be key to ensuring all stakeholders are informed and the campaign’s message is well received. All competitor activities will be considered to avoid any attack or undermining to the business, and the campaign will be well managed to fit the budget.

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