What Should or Should Not Be Done About Global Warming

Global warming is referred to as the general increase in the earths near surface air and ocean temperature. This has remained as major problem in a society that has increased its industrial use since the beginning of twentieth century. Every newborn in twentieth century, is one way or another, has been exposed to the global warming effects. The fact remains to be that global warming in its earliest stage is a natural occurrence. In daily basis gases such as carbon dioxide are emitted to warm the earth, allowing it to be a place that can be inhabited by all living creatures. However, as the population increases human needs to heat their homes, uses gas to cook their food and burn fuels to drive their machines among other things. (Watson 22) Rather than doing this naturally, electricity, gases and aerosols were made to make human lives easier and comfortable. Therefore, global warming has and will continue to have incredible effects on the world’s economy if not controlled.

Government Policy

As everyone is aware of global warming effects in our society, we should ask ourselves what steps to we make to start repairing the problem. It is very pathetic to continue talking about the problem instead of sitting down and start seeking for the remedies and solutions. Research has shown that renewable energy combined with energy efficiency, can provide half of the world energy needed by 2050. This may sound awkward but if we take the most appropriate steps, it can prove to be a good start. It seems, as no one is willing to take responsibility to take this chance to make a change. There actions ready to be taken but the only missing is the correct policy and support from the government of the day.


The dilemma surrounding the issue is our community; the community should be enlightened with the information of global warming and the remedies that can be taken to fix the problem. The basis of decision-making that I believe should be used to address the moral question or dilemma engulfing the issue is education. We need to educate our people on how to make changes with global warming. (McGuffie and Sellers 159) The more we enlighten our people the more chances we have to correct the problem and learn from our mistakes. We should not assume that the other person would act on the issue of global warming; we all have to be responsible enough for what has happened and work as a team to make a difference in the world. We need to stop pointing fingers at one another and just deal with the situation at hand perpendicularly. (Watson 23)


Automobiles exhausts are one of the major contributors to the global warming, reforestation can only be another key aspect to this problem. Human beings valued industrialization leading to cutting down of the trees and resulting to deforestation. Trees are being used to clean up the emitted gases by machines and other automobiles. Trees keep the air clean for the environment by taking the gases in and produce oxygen out of it. (McGuffie and Sellers 170)


I think global warming is a moral matter; it has been a major problem for many years and researches has been done and warning to the world on this disaster has been issued but many people choose to look the other way feeling this is not their problem. In reality, global warming is a general problem from the people who lived in the past, to the current generation and to the future. From the group that caused the problem to the people who are to repair the problem it’s our responsibility.

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