Website Frames and Importance of Their Use

In designing a website, frames refer to the usage of the compound and independently convenient segments of a web presence. Frames can be used to produce good web page designs, which form the most important unavoidable part of the page layouts. It divides the entire screen into different areas to hold different files like the main text, navigation bar, references, etc.

This could be made possible only if the pages are designed on separate pages as a separate HTML file, and there will be a master HTML to identify all these sections. Whenever a user asks for a web page that uses frames, the address the user is giving is the master file that characterizes the frame. On requesting such a page, multiple HTML files occur. Using the links on one frame, we can get the files on the other frame. The most important use of the frame is that one frame will contain the file that the user can select, and the required file will be opened in another frame, which will be convenient to the user.

Multiple view facility offered by frames helps the designers to keep certain information visible, and some information is kept replaced or scrolled. In a single window, one frame displays only a constant poster. In the second window, there will be a list of options that can be steered and a third key document that can be either scrolled or substituted. The concept of the frame was originally developed by Netscape as an extension of HTML, and now it is a part of the HTML and is defined as HTML FRAMESET. The sites that are using frames have to create an alternative arrangement of pages that can be used in a system that does not support frames and for the workers who do not prefer frames.

Frames that are clickable.

The frame helps the readers to get information regarding the whole text, including the title, summary, image, etc., in the same frame. Without using the frame, during the time of the scrolling, the page hides all other related information. The users will also get a complete picture of the entire document from the mainframe. There will be links on that frames which are clickable. There will be sidebars, with the help of which we can get the list of all the related links. Another advantage of using the frame is that it can display the images of the subject that are being searched. The user can also add commentary and attach it to the link of the document.

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