The US-Supported Coup in Bolivia: Interrupted Presidency

The term “interrupted presidency” describes the situation of removal of a president earlier than the full term expires. It is often not a nonviolent transfer of power. So, I think that the 2019 coup in Bolivia is an example of an “interrupted presidency” because Morales still had some months left in his term when the military forced him to leave his place.

The factors of that interruption are the source of many disputes. Some people blame Morales for his wish to go for the fourth term of his long presidency, saying that it is not legitimate. However, finally, a court declared that Morales could stand for election.

I agree with Glenn Greenwald that Morales was democratically elected, and the interruption was caused by a brutal military coup encouraged by the US government. The crucial role of the US government is seen through the propaganda that serves its needs. For example, the Organization of American States, considered a political tool of the US State Department in neighboring countries, released a report on the fraud and multiple wrongdoings during the voting. In addition, a wide range of influential media stated that a military coup was a fair action to protect democracy.

People were willing to vote for Morales because ever since his election, the country has been experiencing a period of thriving and prosperity. However, the self-declared interim president Jeanine Áñez as a representative of affluent white Christian is a manipulative step to return the previous privileges under the disguise of a friendly woman face. That served the interests of the US government because, as history proves, they cannot tolerate any encroachment on their global domination from poorer countries. One more reason that led to the coup is the US interest in Bolivia’s lithium. Morales was an independent leader with a critical mind but was not a servant of the US interests. Therefore, the main factor of Morales’ “interrupted presidency” was the US hurt feeling of supremacy that should have been restored by calling a popular leader an enemy to the democracy.

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