Problems of Americans Fighting in American Revolution

The American Revolution took place from 1755 to 1783, in what earned British North America, consisting of thirteen colonies, independence, thus leading to the formation of the United States of America. The Americans who fought during the American Revolution were in the Continental Army.

The Continental Army faced many challenges on the war front and back at home with their families. The first challenge encountered by the fighters was the provision of inadequate supplies; the quartermaster department, which was responsible for procuring general supplies to support the war, had to request Americans from each state to provide food, clothes, and blankets, which were still not enough. Despite the citizens back at home providing supplies for the war, the mode of transportation was poor. After the supplies reached the base, the quartermasters had no means of equally distributing the supplies to the soldiers without fracas; this caused further tensions within the bases.

The lack of supplies also shows that the revolution took place when the economy was on its knees; the state governments had difficulty supporting the soldiers on the battlefield. The Congress, therefore, had difficulty in processing the pay for the soldiers on time; however, when the payment came, it was late and presented in the form of a paper currency that the Congress sanctioned and worthless in the end. Given that this was a revolution taking place in a country that was not prepared for war, most of the soldiers in the army had not proper and even basic training. Lack of combat training made the soldiers go to war without the knowledge of drill, and they also lacked the discipline required in the army, although this was later sorted by training from General George Washington.

The continental army was thus disadvantaged against a more experienced, resourceful, and well-trained British colonial army.

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