The Role of the Federal Government in Public Health

Federal governments play an important role in public health by protecting and promoting safety and people’s opportunities. In regards to the population’s health status, healthcare facilities should follow certain standards and policies, learn laws and regulations, and offer services at the required levels. Governments’ interventions touch upon different sectors, including education, management, and control.

The federal government, in particular, is responsible for regulating policy issues, coordinating facilities, setting national goals, and overseeing health-related activities (food inspection, disease prevention, drug use regulation) (Bezich, 2020). In addition, the government has to sustain financing and commerce details at the federal level. If there is a public health emergency or a disaster, this legal body must assist states in providing resources, decision-making, and collaborating.

There are many ways how the federal government can influence the public health sector. One of the most evident examples is the creation of Medicare. Federal governmental funds were enough to offer a health insurance program for millions of Americans under 65 to cover their hospital care costs. Indirect support should not be ignored because today, many people are able to meet their healthcare needs.

Although the government does not directly involve in controlling the quality of services, its funding remains essential. Another example is related to the activities of federal organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC offers educational materials on how to eat, stay physically active, and mind the importance of health screening and regular check-ups (Bezich, 2020). Sometimes, even the most professional care providers do not have enough resources to complete their functions well. Federal support and funding create new opportunities for the population and contribute to improved public health.


Bezich, L. (2020). Do we need protection from ourselves to live healthy? Philly Voice. Web.

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