Nursing Morals, Values, and Ethics



The need to ensure human beings live comfortable lives and access quality health care services motivate me to seek to know what should be done to ensure this is possible. I have a passion for ensuring that every person enjoys life despite the inevitable challenges that modern societies are facing.

My passion extends beyond the boundaries of intellectual beliefs and involves issues like a desire to explore the possibilities of creating a healthy society. I believe that it is possible to have a healthy society if people unite and combine their skills, experiences, and abilities to improve human life. This essay examines the importance of morals, values, and ethics in ensuring that the health care sector performs its purpose effectively.


There is adequate proof that people need proper health care services, and everybody is working hard to ensure human health is given preference over other issues. People spend a lot of money on research and other activities to ensure they identify ways of keeping themselves protected from diseases. However, their efforts cannot be productive if there are no professional nurses to help them to achieve their objectives. I am motivated by the fact that it is possible to have a healthy society without incurring unnecessary expenses.


My inspiration is derived from the need to help and take care of the members of society. Religious beliefs and customary practices demand that I commit my skills, abilities, and experience to promote the welfare of other members of society. My convictions inspire me to work hard to ensure nobody suffers from diseases that can be treated. In addition, I do not encourage people to make assumptions or create prejudices that may cloud my judgment when offering services to patients.

I believe that people must be treated equally, and nobody should discriminate against others because of their race, religion, or age. People like Mother Teresa and Queen Elizabeth inspire me to work hard and ensure that I follow my professional codes of conduct.


My profession requires loyalty to ensure that I work because I know what is supposed to be done. It is difficult for nurses and society to enjoy equal benefits for their loyalties because of conflicts of interests. However, this cannot discourage me from doing my best to ensure I offer quality services to patients. I believe that good deeds are rewarded in heaven, therefore, I do not expect people to congratulate or thank me for offering services to them. I respect and follow the oaths I took and will not do anything to violate them.

How Personal, Cultural and Spiritual Values Influence My Nursing Practice

I believe that every person has a right to get quality medical services and thus I must do my best to enable patients to recover quickly. My culture recognizes and appreciates the need for people to take care of their neighbors and thus it is my responsibility to ensure that proper health is maintained in society.

I have been a staunch Christian since childhood, and I understand the need for people to be their brothers’ keepers. These values ensure that I do my best to apply my skills, knowledge, and experience to promote the well-being of all members of society. I believe that nursing is not just a profession but a call and thus nurses must be committed to their professions and go beyond their ordinary job descriptions to ensure the health of their communities is in safe hands.

Morals, Values, and Ethics

Values refer to issues that are important in life. They include the need to respect, love, and treat others without discrimination (Butts 2012). Morals are behaviors that are acceptable in society, and they do not violate the regulations that govern human interactions (American Nurses Association 2014).

Ethics refers to the principles that guide human behavior; therefore, they ensure people behave responsibly. These values dictate that I do what is right and acceptable to promote the well-being of members of society. I must follow my professional and general codes of conduct to ensure that my actions do not contravene any regulation. My values, philosophy, and worldview about values, morals, and ethics create moral dilemmas when patients, their families, or the community want me to do something contrary to the expectations of my profession.

Reflected and Shared Personal Thoughts regarding the Morals and Ethical Dilemmas in the Health Care Field

Most people do not understand that nurses are guided by various codes of conduct that govern their behavior. Ethical dilemmas occur when patients want to have intimate relationships with nurses because they think they know how to take care of others. Secondly, some people usually want to have access to records and information of patients, and this is not right (The President’s Council on Bioethics 2003). Thirdly, some patients may suggest that nurses perform practices like abortion or euthanasia without following proper procedures. These dilemmas make me more committed and ensure that I respect my oaths; therefore, I become stronger and gain experience on how to manage them in the future.


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