The Civil Rights Movement History

The Civil Rights Movement took place in the 1950s and was about the black community profusely fighting for their rights against segregation. Though they were finally free from slavery by the time the second world war began, The black African community did not fully enjoy equal rights with the white community. The fight against discrimination was present even before World War II, but it took full momentum during the 1950s. However, several incidences stirred up the movement, such as the Rosa Park incident in 1955, where Rosa Park, an African American, refused to offer seats to white men on a bus ( Editors, 2020). Her arrest stirred up protests that resulted in significant amendments in the transport sector. Rosa Park incidence also led to the Montgomery Improvement Association’s formation, led by Martin Luther King Jr, an iconic activist in the Civil Rights Movement.

The fight for equal rights for all Americans continued for several years until 1957 when the Civil Rights Act of 1957was signed into law by President Eisenhower. The Act gave rights to vote for all Americans regardless of their race, origin, and gender. However, the law did not provide enough relief for the activists who still felt oppressed and mistreated due to their race (Civil Rights Movement, 2020). The riots and matches in the following years led to the popularity of various reformers such as Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X, who were later assassinated due to their efforts and spirit of activism.

The journey towards freedom of the Black community has been long. Many lives have been lost to achieve the rights enjoyed today, but there is still a long way to go for the black community to feel they are entirely equal to the whites. However, the Civil Rights Movement’s achievements are significant and are instrumental to the freedoms people enjoy today.


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