Strategies for Online Success and Strategies Implemented

For any student to be successful in his studies, there are various strategies that should be implemented. However, it is of great importance to note that not all learning strategies work best for all students. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of every student to determine and evaluate the best learning strategies that work best for him or her towards succeeding in online studies. The strategies that I have used in managing time are to ensure that I have the required resources when doing my studies. Furthermore, I have also engaged in group work to enhance my communication skills and to use technology effectively (Academic residencies for doctoral students, 2011).

Despite various strategies that I have implemented in my online learning, there are some challenges that I have experienced. One of the major challenges that I have encountered in my online program as a Doctoral student is the lack of effective practical lessons. I consider this a major challenge since one has to have a physical mentor in contrast to a virtuous one. It, therefore, becomes a challenge for me to understand some of the basic practical concepts as I cannot raise questions or arguments since there is no mentor who is physically present at the time of the practical.

One of the strategies that I intend to utilize in planning and time management towards online success is punctuality. Keeping time in doing assignments is a key strategy that will boost my understanding and grade in the doctoral field. Proper time management ensures that I attend to my duties on time and leave plenty of time for my school work (Doctoral development plan, 2011). By doing so, I am assured of reading ahead of the teacher and still finding enough time to revise for my exams. Reading ahead of the teacher will also enhance my understanding of the challenging areas in the doctoral field as I will have an idea of whatever the teacher has planned to teach in the coming lessons.

Coming up with a well-planned timetable keeps me disciplined and as a result, I cannot afford to miss any of my online tutorials. A well-planned study timetable not only ensures that I attend all my online tutorials but also that I am in a better position to know the topics ahead of me. As a result, I am able to determine the amount of time required in every topic in reference to its size and sensitivity. This strategy is useful to me as I am assured of not wasting too much time on comparatively lesser sensitive areas leaving little time on topics that require much time for one to grab the main concepts (Walden University, 2011).

A student Resources and A residency program can benefit my academic pursuit at Walden University since I am able to interact with other students and professionals in the doctoral field (Watkins & Corry, 2011). In this case, I am in a better position to share my experience in the doctoral field as well as to listen to the challenges experienced by the other scholars. In most cases, scholars in the same career field experience challenges that are alike. Owing to this fact of similar challenges, scholars are able to come up with well-defined solutions to these challenges. These solutions are useful in learning since a study at Walden University does not only become fun but also the interrelationship among the students and the tutors is enhanced.


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