Matilda and Jack’s Robots: The Target Segment of the Market

Product information

Matilda and Jack are two robots known for their emotional intelligence. This innovation was made with the sole intention of improving human health and well-being as well as improving organizational sustainability. The robots can be used to conduct job interviews because of their ability to accurately determine the cultural and emotional fitness of job applicants. The robots can be used in several other areas, including schools, tired drivers, and children with autism.

Market analysis

The use of robots in the health sector is primarily aimed at helping the aged demographic. This segment of the population is on the increase based on the current statistical figures of population growth (Javis, 2005). There are several ways in which robots can be used in health care. One important way is to address the sense of cognition that seems to decline among old patients.

The future of robots used as primary caregivers in health care is data collection. This is very important for medical practitioners. It helps them keep a record of the vital signs of their patients thus monitoring how they are doing. Important data such as blood pressure reading and level of blood sugar can be collected with the robots and disseminated to the caregivers.

Even though the market looks promising in terms of the use of robotic care for the elderly, the biggest challenge is the fact that these machines need to be controlled by human beings. This will prove a challenge especially when it comes to training personnel to operate the robots appropriately.

Some threats are involved in the use of robots for healthcare. Certain professions and job positions are very sensitive. Replacing the human labor force with artificial intelligence might invoke ethical issues and concerns. Having a robot attend to old patients on daily basis can be very sensitive (Wallach, Allen, Bruce, & Kevin, 2009).

Target market and product positioning

Matilda and Jack’s robots are very interesting products that can be used in the health care sector. The target segment of the market for this product is the senior centers and elderly care homes. The product may also be useful in family homes. Drivers especially those who frequently do long-distance driving are also a target market for the product. These two products however can only be consumed in developed countries. This is mainly as a result of the market analysis whereby according to the consumer purchase trend in Japan, Korea, Europe, and North America, there is a continuing surge of robotic consumerism (Bawyse, Styler, & Alverson, 2002). The product will only venture into other markets in other countries but on a smaller scale (Bawyse, Styler, & Alverson, 2002).

Consumers could get the product at a specific strategic dealer location. The product can also be directly delivered to consumers upon ordering a specific number of items. Online positioning is the most convenient for consumers. Buyers could make purchases online and get the product delivered to them. The dealers will be located at strategic locations in cities within Japan, Australia, Korea, Europe, and North America. These are the market regions where sales volumes of the robotic gadget are high and the consumer purchase trend indicates prospects of growth in the industry (Robotic Trends, 2006). Since these two products are still unique in the market, they are unlikely to face stiff competition from other personal and healthcare service robots.


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