Information Technology Importance in New Business

Inventory management program and systems

Having established a growth-oriented and stable business, modification of the firm to contain an inventory management program will be our second objective. These additional programs will allow us to have an efficient and effective information management system that will forecast, manage demand, customer service, and supply management. Our proposed systems will include the following:

Supply chain management system

This is an IT support system that will ensure that the supply chain is operating in the most effective and efficient way. The firm plans on reducing management control and operational costs through outsourcing and invention of supply management system that will coordinate and control the movement of accessories from production to finished goods (Hartmut and Kilger 55 ). The system will be composed of essential web based components.

Outlet monitor system

Basically, the system will be represented by a point of sale system. The hardware will contain a computer, receipt printer, credit or debit card reader, cash drawer bar code scanner, and a customer display. The points of sale will mainly handle customer-based services such as returns sales, gifts, customer loyalty programs, and exchanges. In conjunction with handling these processes, the system will also regularly communicate with the central control to submit information on database saving. Once a purchase is done, the system will enter the product identity number, quantity, and price. This information will be deducted from the current stock and sent to the central control system for database management.

Supplier management system

To make sure that we do not run out of stock, we forecast on adapting the supplier management system. This consultant system will be equipped with software that will detect low stock levels and alert the management. It will also enable us to know what stock is at hand and that of the supplier. Finally, it will automatically place or dispatch orders to the convenient outlets.

Central control system

This will act as the core of the network systems. It will manage all information from the outlet monitor system and the supplier management system so as to create new inventories. Management will include processing and calculating the lead time, buying patterns, stocking, shipments, ware house deployments and threshold levels. From this database, it will be easy to determine the present demand for all products, quantity, current supplier, supplier location and shipment costs. This system will also allow storage of all local databases.

Customer relationship management systems

This model will help to improve on the firm’s interactions with the future or current customers. Generally, the customer relationship system will enable the firm to reduce customer management costs, up sell and cross sell, retain and win new customers as well as clients and improve on customer service (Barton 8). The system will manage contacts, sales lead contracts, and customer data. It will be equipped with the following:

Sale force automation

This software will streamline all point of sale processes. This management system will record and track every stage in sales to the final disposition. Other applications will include sales forecast, workflow automation, and insights.

Customer service support

This consultant support system will be entitled to manage requests from customers, stakeholders, and other clients. It will contain social media sites such as face book, Google plus, and twitter. This will aid the company to communicate and track customers who are willing to share the company experiences and opinions. In addition, it will incorporate the internet identity workshops such as the vendor relationship management system that allows the customers to independently manage their relationship with the firm. Lastly, installation of CCTV surveillance will be a vital project in the business. This will help improve on security of both the firm and our esteemed customer.

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