Gulliver Character as a New Everyman Figure

Gulliver’s Travels were published in the year 1726 and this work was controversial in more ways than one. Lemuel Gulliver was a man who belonged to a middle-class family in England. The novel is based around this middle-class family man in England. He was a very honest man but made the mistake of assuming that everyone else was as honest as him. The character of Gulliver is portrayed as dull and unimaginative in the whole play. Gulliver was surprised to discover the Lilliputians but he was not shocked to discover them. He comes across the Lilliputians on his first voyage but things change on his second voyage, he discovers that he himself is a Lilliputian in his second voyage. He discovers colossal beings tossing him around like a toy and playing with him. In his third voyage, he comes across Laputa where he finds that all the intellectuals were ruling the Island. Intellectuals like Scientists, Mathematicians, etc.

The readers also get an impression that all the genius people ruling the island lacked Spirituality and Morality. The Scientists and other people were far from practical; this can be made out from their activities like trying to recycle human excreta into food again. Gulliver becomes a silent spectator when he visits this Island. The message here is that intellectuality is an obstacle to morality. On his fourth voyage he visits the land of Houyhnhnms, he finds out that the horses rule the island and that they are very Naïve. He reluctantly returns to his homeland but takes two horses along with him and pays no attention to his family or to his social life only to spend time interacting with the naïve horses. Both the plays present an everyman figure in society.

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