Elizabeth Bennet as Key Character in “Pride and Prejudice” by Austen

The book «Pride and Prejudice» by Jane Austen was written in 1813 and told the story of the life of a young girl, Elizabeth Bennet. This book describes in detail the development and formation of the main character, especially her character. Much attention is paid to how the main character understands the concepts of kindness and true love. Elizabeth Bennet also experiences various life events that teach her and make her a strong woman with her own beliefs and judgments. Elizabeth is a strong character who, by the end of the novel, turns into an adult woman, and. throughout the book, she changes and becomes less prejudiced and proud.

The name «Pride and Prejudice” represents the main essential characteristics that, according to the author, are important for every person. Analyzing this novel, that needs to be understood that these two qualities are a balance in life and depend on each other. However, at the same time, Jane Austen tries to show how such qualities, if not understood, can harm a person and communication with others. The communication between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. At the same time, these two characters have a long way to go to combine their habits for an everyday and peaceful life.

Only two characters demonstrate their personality traits corresponding to “Pride and Prejudice” – Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. The relationship between them seems complicated at first. Social barriers see them through. On the one hand, Darcy’s pride suffers a terrible blow when he realizes that he is in love with a woman of a lower class and such an unworthy relationship. For him, status was a critical thing that played an essential role in life. He was used to this attitude and energy, so feeling proud was a common state, but not worthy of a man like Mr. Darcy.

Mr. Darcy is genuinely noble because he has a high status, but his pride often gets in the way. His pride is even shown in the fact that everyone calls him only by his last name, the name of the main character is mentioned only a few times, which shows how vital his status is to Darcy and his role in society. “She is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me” (Austen) is perhaps the best quote that shows and presents the pride of this character.

Elizabeth is prejudiced against the man who first thought her to be completely low and stupid and then proposed to her in such an insulting way. Such a character trait in the main character is the main one due to several situations that are mainly related to Mr. Darcy and his actions towards her. Elizabeth considers herself a true lady who is well-read and has many good qualities to marry successfully: «Till this moment I never knew myself.» (Austen). In this way, Mr. Darcy’s words and actions put her prejudices first.

This trait is a big problem for Elizabeth because she overcomes all life situations quite tricky and analyzes everything through the lens of bias. The main problem that Mr. Darcy brings is the feeling of inferiority in Elizabeth’s life: «I could easily forgive his pride if he had not mortified mine.» (Austen). If, before that, everyone loved her and listened to her, she understood that she was humiliated. Since family is a vital part of the girl’s life, Mr. Darcy’s words worsen their relationship and lead to an adverse condition. In particular, Elizabeth’s prejudice is manifested in how she analyzes Mr. Darcy’s attitude toward other girls.

It seems that the primary purpose of writing «Pride and Prejudice» was the author’s attempt to show how the main characters experience their troubles and struggle with them. In particular, to fully get closer and open up to each other, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy go through a difficult path of misunderstandings. In particular, the author focuses on their main character traits, which they struggle with character traits. Accordingly, it is an excellent example of how to develop and work on relationships.

The love story between Darcy and Elizabeth is essential and vital. The author’s goal was also to depict how human nature changes for the sake of another person and tries to fight against his prejudices. The struggle of man is a crucial image in the book and an essential purpose of Austen. It is worth mentioning that the author tried to depict things they did not discuss in her time to reveal more deeply the society in which the woman lived.

«Pride and Prejudice» is a beautiful book that reveals the whole human essence. The book shows the story of love and the struggle for such love to happen. The fundamental ideas of the work are the reflection of pride as the main character trait and the prejudice shown in Elizabeth. This type of book allows readers to understand the community of the time. The author looked at past people’s ideas about relationships and their structure. Jane Austen managed to show the best story of fighting for personal life and happiness.

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