Domestic Terrorist Groups and Internet: Issues

The advancement of digital technologies and the use of the Internet on an everyday basis complicates the work of law enforcers dealing with domestic terrorists. In particular, the emergence of domestic terrorist groups is significantly dangerous in democratic societies where the freedom to use the Internet might impose a threat to domestic security by allowing increased connectivity between the members of terrorist groups. Indeed, as Bjelopera states, terrorist groups, such as white supremacists and others, have long used the Internet by launching websites, and forums and using social media to pursue their goals. In particular, terrorists use the Internet as means of direction dissemination of information that promotes their agenda and as a means of communicating with potential group members by encouraging the active participation of more individuals.

Given the opportunities of Internet connectivity, terrorist acts are easier to organize in disguise, which complicated the law enforcement procedures. Indeed, “the Internet allows individuals and groups to connect with one another and to disseminate ideology,” as well as engage outsiders in their actions. The intentions of so-called lone wolves are motivated by the information available online and disseminated by organized groups, although the lone wolf might not be a member of any group. Similarly, the concept of leaderless resistance occurs in the digital age, where terrorist acts are decentralized and difficult to investigate or eliminate. Thus, online platforms and the Internet as a whole is a powerful instrument that is currently actively used by domestic terrorist groups, which imposes significant challenges to law enforcement.

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