Uber’s Value Proposition and Benefits for Society

As Uber is a multi-side platform, it aims to provide a value proposition for both the passengers and the drivers. Clients can benefit from having the possibility to have a ride with only one tap and track their driver before their arrival. Uber offers its customers easy navigation of a trip on the map, automatic credit card payment, rating system of drivers, constant availability of cars, and prediction of arrival/travel time. Meanwhile, drivers have the opportunity to earn extra money, choose their work hours, and it is easy for them to start working with Uber. They have no bosses, an app to help with earning and navigation; they do not have to invest anything to join the platform and are provided with the ability to get customers at no cost.

Uber’s target market is vast and versatile as it includes both men and women from eighteen to sixty years of various professions and interests. Those can be people who frequently travel for business or pleasure, attend concerts, or live far from the city center and do not have a driver’s license or have their license revoked. There are several key advantages of Uber for its customers, among them, being transparency of the platform.

However, Uber does not only benefit its demand side, which is people who want a comfortable transfer from A to B. It also targets the supply-side – drivers who cherish flexibility and want to earn money by using the spare space of their cars. People choose to drive with Uber for several reasons, among them, being to make more money to better support themselves and their families and to be more flexible in a schedule and create an effective work-life balance. Moreover, it is easy to get started with becoming an Uber driver: it is only required to sign up online, upload the documents, and get a vehicle inspection.

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