Note to God Song Written by Kuromi Romi

The “Note to God” song by Kuromi Romi is a prayer and a lea of a helpless and almost hopeless person. It acknowledges the shortcomings and the weakness of humans when left on their own: wars, poverty, pain, downward spiral. The song depicts that humans are aware of the roots of all the bad and negative things that are happening all around them, but he lacks love, wisdom, faith, compassion, hope, and strength to do something about all that is bad happening around him. This one is considered very religious, acknowledging the need for God’s help, the reason why the urgency of the letter to God.

Charice the singer of the song provided a compelling rendition in a bluesy manner reminiscent of the Black gospel singers of old, prior to the development of blues music. While the lyric is considered very simple and direct to the point, it is also much humanized, humble, and honest making it a perfect everyday and global prayer. The lyric writer and singer are both Asians, the faithful Christian, and sits well with classic as well as contemporary Christian songs and music. The theme, however, is very global and universal as everywhere, the wrong seems to overwhelm which is right and correct ways and paths. It repeatedly admits, “If I wrote a note to God I would say what’s on my mind / I’d ask for wisdom to let compassion rule this world until these times / If I wrote a note to God I’d say please help us find our way.”

Personally, I utter these very words sometimes when I try to seek solace, and my questions are not answered. Many individuals today have a lot of questions unanswered with regards to the general events that seem to keep people away from their own God. It is always a difficult situation when innocent children die in wars or in hunger, and mothers-slaves to feed their families. Or innocent people or groups of people are hurt in denigrating ways without a rationale why these things happen. Incidentally, we are clouded and overwhelmed by our own seemingly trivial problems which are actually so small when pitted against problems other peoples and individuals face and experience.

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