Educational Objective and Categories Based on Blom’s Taxonomy

Educational Objective: To enable the learner to understand, recall, comprehend, analyze, synthesize, evaluate and apply concepts related to team teaching.

Knowledge: The learner is able to recall principles and theories connected with team teaching.

Comprehension: The Learner “grasps the meaning behind the information and interprets, translates, or comprehends the information.” (Bloom’s Taxonomy and the Three Domains of Learning) related to team teaching.

Application: To enable the learner to apply his understanding of the concepts of team teaching to new situations.

Analysis: The learner is able to compare and contrast, discriminate and differentiate the information and come to a conclusion.

Synthesis: To enable the learner to integrate his understanding and analytic capacity so as to make an overall theory regarding team teaching.

Evaluation: To equip the learner to evaluate or judge his knowledge and understanding of the theories and concepts of team teaching with standard criteria.

Test Items to Be Used in Evaluation of Achievement

  1. When was Alexander the Great born? Describe his major conquests. (Knowledge)
  2. Summarize in four own words Shakespeare’s contributions to English drama? (Comprehension)
  3. How can you apply the evidence bases approach to the issue of racism and racial discrimination? (Application)
  4. Make a comparative and contrastive study of Matthew Arnold’s and Tennyson’s poems. (Analysis).
  5. Categorize your learning skills that belong to the Affective and cognitive domains. (Synthesis)
  6. Critically evaluate the contributions made by Christianity in the field of Education. (Evaluation)
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