Decision Making Techniques in Groups

Groups are characterized by a common interest, social interaction, and stability. Groups socialize and make decisions using several techniques. The form of interaction can be either face to face and they use both formal and informal modes of communication. Some of the techniques that are used to make decisions in a group include brainstorming, nominal group technique, and electronic meeting. In a brainstorming session, members of a group sit around a table and begin to utilize an idea-generating process whereby individual members air their ideas to the group.

All suggestions are recorded down. Brainstorming is good for generating ideas. In a nominal group technique, the discussion of a group is restricted. A given issue is presented to the group and each individual is given a chance to present his / her thoughts as they are written down. Each written down idea is discussed, evaluated, and thereafter ranked in order of priority. The group chooses the idea with the highest ranking. This technique allows group members to have a formal meeting and each member is not restricted in thinking.

In an electronic meeting, individual group members hold formal meetings around a horseshoe table with issues being presented on computers. Individual opinions on issues are typed by members and presented on the computer screen for all to see. Any voting that takes place too is indicated on the screen. The advantage of this method is that it allows group members to be honest without any penalties.

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