Poem Topics: Original and Interesting Ideas That You May Choose

Poem Topics: Original and Interesting Ideas That You May Choose

When you have to write a poem, you probably want to choose a good and interesting idea or theme.

There are plenty of poem topics that you may pick. If you read this article, you will find more than twenty great ideas that may become a source of inspiration for you.

Hopefully, these hints will help you write a great poem.

Poem Topics: Exploring the Wells of Memory

There are several ideas or themes that you can pick for your poem. For example, you can rely on your past experiences or the experiences of other people.

  • A child’s perception of other people and the world, in general;
  • Good and bad memories related to childhood;
  • The first kiss;
  • The moment when a person understands that there is no Santa Claus;
  • Any person who affected your world view and your moral principles;
  • The happiest moment in a person’s life;
  • Any action that a person is not proud of;
  • Any moral dilemma that you once faced.

Poem Topics: Love as a Rich Source of Inspiration

People who are looking for poem ideas can definitely write about love or family. These themes have always fascinated poets, and you can use one of these topics:

  1. Gender roles in the family;
  2. The way in which both sexes view romantic relations;
  3. The feeling of loss a person may experience when a relationship ends;
  4. Love as a synonym of happiness;
  5. Love and rationality. In your poem, you can show whether these things can be reconciled in any way;
  6. Love and sacrifice.

Poem Topics: Satire of Oneself and Others

If you are looking for a good poem topic, you can certainly choose one of those things or character traits that you don’t particularly like. There are plenty of ideas that you can choose, for instance:

  • Willingness of many people to sacrifice real-life communication for the sake of online interaction;
  • People’s insincerity;
  • Hypocritical use of politically-correct language;
  • The dangerous effects of fear and anxiety on a person;
  • The difference between physical and moral beauty;
  • Racism in the modern society.

Poem Topics: Describing Beauty for Beauty’s Sake

In your poem, you can definitely describe something that produces a very powerful impression on you. Here is the list of possible subjects for your poem:

  1. A beautiful smile;
  2. A star-studded sky;
  3. A waterfall;
  4. A graceful animal such as tiger;
  5. Anything that looks beautiful, in your opinion.

Hopefully, you will use at least one of these hints as a topic for poem. Overall, you need to remember that there are no good or bad topics. It all depends on your talent, world view, and creativity.