Cuba Essay Writing: Choosing Topics, Structuring, Editing

Cuba Essay Writing: Choosing Topics, Structuring, Editing

Cuba is a warm, sunny island country that has a dubious political reputation. Anyway, it is a great country to write an essay about. Every year, many students are assigned with Cuba essay writing.

Sometimes, they face some difficulties with writing, topic selection or essay structuring. This article is aimed at facilitating Cuba essay writing process. It suggests several possible topics for Cuba essays and tips for writing.

Cuba Essay: Topic Selection

It goes without saying that Cuba is a very interesting country to research. It offers a vast number of topics for students to choose from. Here are some interesting Cuba essay topics for students who find it difficult to choose it themselves:

  1. First of all, many students may be interested to write an essay on Cuban history. Cuba is famous for its prominent revolutionist Ernesto Che Guevara, so why not writing about him? It is also possible to dwell upon some Cuban military conflicts.
  2. Students may choose to write about modern Cuban politics in their Cuba essays. Students may conduct a research on Cuban relations with other countries. It is also possible to discuss Cuban political role among other states.
  3. One of the most appealing topics for a Cuba essay is Cuban culture. It is very original and unique. So, a student may pick any tradition to describe in his/her Cuba essay. It is possible to examine Cuban dances, music, cuisine, the tradition of smoking cigars, etc.
  4. One more interesting topic for a Cuba essay is the issue of tourism. What role does it play now? Is it important for Cuba? How many tourists visit Cuba?

Cuba Essay: Structuring and Editing

While writing a Cuba essay, students should pay attention to:

  • Its structure. It is helpful to use a plan when writing. It is necessary to make sure the topic is well introduced and analyzed.
  • Grammar and spelling. It goes without saying that an essay should have no mistakes.