Remembered Event Essays: Choosing an Event

Remembered Event Essays: Choosing an Event

Everybody had at least one event in his/her life that will be remembered for the rest of life, and we are sure you are not an exception. You remember how something happened to you for the first time. You remember some striking events that shaped your personality, views, and beliefs.

There are plenty of such events actually, and this is exactly why you are stuck with a remembered event essay. You have spent several hours trying to decide on the central idea of your remembered event essay, but still have no clue what to write about.

Thus, let us suggest you several strategies on how to come up with topic ideas for remembered event essays.

Childhood and teenage years

Usually, these are the happiest and brightest years in the life of any person full of all kinds of events, situations, new experiences, etc. We are sure one of those experiences can be a good basis for your remembered event essay.

Make a list of all events from your childhood and teenage years you can think of. Choose the one you can remember better than others and that is somehow important to you and describe it in the remembered event essay.

Event vs. period

Do not focus on one-day events only, because something important can happen during a longer period. If you have such experience, describe it in your remembered event essay.

Events that happened not exactly to you

Events of the national or even global scale can also be used as a basis for remembered event essays. For instance, have 9/11 events affected you somehow? Or some natural disaster? Do not hesitate to write about that in your remembered event essay.

In articles about an essay on growing up and a life changing event essay you may also hit upon useful ideas.

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