A Perfect Topic for Persuasive Essays on Drugs

A Perfect Topic for Persuasive Essays on Drugs

Persuasive essays on drugs seem to be assigned more frequently than any other essays. Definitely, the reason is obvious.

However, do not you think that investigating the same topics is a bit boring? Let us make a small experiment.

Your tutor gave you the task to write a persuasive essay on drug. Let us guess what it will be about. You will try to persuade your reader that drugs are harmful; they ruin people’s lives and kill them. Or, probably, you will try to be more original. In that case, you will write an essay on the war on drugs that America lost.

If you have no other ideas for your persuasive essay about drugs, this article is just for you. Have you ever thought about writing a drug essay that will support the use of drugs? You have an opportunity to do it!

We suggest you writing a persuasive essay on drugs on the topic “Marijuana vs. Tobacco.” What will you have to do?

  • Start your persuasive essay on drugs with presenting statistical data. By the way, do you know that 40% of college freshmen smoke marijuana on regular basis?
  • Give general information on marijuana. In your persuasive essay on drugs, you can tell that people do not have physical addiction to it unlike tobacco smokers. It means that those who smoke marijuana can give it up easily, but it is very hard to give up smoking.
  • Touch upon chemical issues in your persuasive essay on drugs. This part of your paper will be the final step to persuading the readers. You can say that marijuana grows in natural conditions, with sunlight and water. Tobacco contains a dangerous chemical, nicotine, which can kill a man if overdosed.

These are only a few facts that can be used in persuasive essays on drugs devoted to marijuana. When you start researching this topic, you will find a lot of interesting information.

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