Creative Writing Prompts: 25 Ideas that Foster Your Imagination

Creative Writing Prompts: 25 Ideas that Foster Your Imagination

Are you looking for creative writing ideas because you want to improve your writing skills?

Are you tired of boring tasks and want to start thinking outside the box?

Here you will find 25 amazing creative writing topics that will provide you with inspiration and will foster your imagination.

Creative writing prompts: change the scenario

  1. What if the actor playing Hamlet forgets the words and offers his own interpretation of the well-known monologue “To be or not to be”.
  2. Try to write a trailer for the book Adventures of Pinocchio as if it were a thriller.
  3. Write an advertisement about a vacant position of assistant for a firm similar to the one depicted in the movie The Devil Wears Prada.
  4. Write an interview with Terminator discussing his career prospects.
  5. Try to write a new ending for the movie Titanic.

Creative writing prompts: situations

  1. You come home and see that your friends have prepared a surprise party for you. It is a real surprise to you because your birthday will be only a few months later.
  2. You find a case full of money in front of your house…
  3. Your friend is going to leave college and “get paid to travel”. She cherishes ambitions of becoming a travel writer, but you understand that it is only the latest fad. What would you tell your friend about it?
  4. You are invited to participate in a psychological experiment. It is well-paid, but you hesitate because…
  5. During your summer vacation, you meet an old man who tells you one simple truth that changes your life.

Creative writing prompts: good starters

  1. Take your old photo album, choose the eighth (or any other) photo and tell a story about it.
  2. Write a letter to your 20 years older future self.
  3. Tell the story of one graffiti.
  4. What are five most memorable experiences in your life?
  5. You find an old letter you wrote to your granny, but never sent. Write about it.

Creative writing prompts: moral choices

  1. You are mistakenly invited to the court to testify against your classmate.
  2. Your friend thinks that the poem you sent him was written by you. In fact, it was a poem by Emily Dickinson. Would you confess?
  3. You are going to buy a very expensive dress (shoes/cell phone) when you come across an advertisement asking to donate money to a child who has a disease and badly needs a surgery.
  4. Your friend asks you to take care of a kitten while he/she is on vacation, but you have an allergy.
  5. Your parents present you with an expensive notebook, but you do not actually like it. What would you do about it?

Creative writing prompts: daily routine

  1. One morning you wake up and have a Groundhog Day syndrome. You predict that you will spill your coffee and meet your old friend in the street…
  2. Imagine that under unknown circumstances you lose your memory and look at your family and friends like complete strangers.
  3. You meet your clone at college and understand that he/she is pretending to be you. You try to point out his/her false identity, but…
  4. You watch the evening news on TV when you notice that the hands of the clock start going backwards…
  5. Your friend offers to take part in a shocking demonstration for the rights of animals. You hesitate because…

By choosing any creative writing prompt from this list, you are guaranteed sparks of inspiration and improved creativity. These 25 prompts for creative writing can become the secret of your academic success and personal development.