Philosophy Essay Ideas for Easy Term Paper Writing Task

Philosophy Essay Ideas for Easy Term Paper Writing Task

Philosophy essays are not only assigned to students majoring in Philosophy. Essays on Philosophy are spread across the academic curriculums in various fields of study.

If you are experiencing difficulties in finding perfect idea for your philosophy essay, it is time to take a break from the unnecessary distress.

Believe it or not, there are inexhaustible Philosophy ideas for your essay. The ideas are overwhelming, but the choice is yours to make. After reading through some of these philosophy essay ideas, you will be able to settle on an idea that suits your need.

Recollection of Ideas for Philosophy Essays

The Philosophy of Universal Morality

You can write an essay on what is moral or not, and by what means an issue can
be deemed as immoral or otherwise. What do you have to say about the
universal morality? Does it make sense, and if not, why?

Socrates’ Philosophy on the cause of Evil

Socrates believed that the evil and bad things happening in the universe are
caused by some sort of human negligence. Justify or refute Socrates’
Philosophical line of reasoning regarding the cause of upheavals in the world.

The Philosophy of Justice

How did the great Philosophers like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Karl Marx, Marx
Webber, Thomas Hobbes, Niccole Machiavelli, Fredrick Hegel etc. argued about

  • Philosophy Essays on the acquisition of happiness: What is the greatest cause of happiness? You can refer to the Utilitarian doctrine of Jeremy Bentham and James Mill.
  • Thomas Hobbes’s Philosophy of Mutual Fear: Discuss the Philosophical views of Hobbes with regards to his Difference Theory.
  • Philosophy Essay on Human Behavior: You can investigate into and discuss how the behaviors of human beings are the consequences of self-serving motivations.
  • Philosophical Essay on Abortion: Is there any moral obligation to carry out abortion? Consider the case where a parent’s life is at risk as a result of rape.
  • Controversy over the Stem Cell Research: Is this scientific field of study ethical in a morally upright society?
  • Does the End Justify the Means: Justify this philosophical line of thinking, and cite evidence to show how the end can justify the means. If you don not agree, you are free to argue it out.
  • Actually, the ideas are unlimited. It is also apparent that one idea can possibly give rise to some other ideas.