Let’s imagine a situation: you’ve covered some material in class, and suddenly a teacher told you that now he expects to get reflection essays from you. What a reflection essay is you kinda know… kinda. To turn your ‘kinda’ into ‘for sure’, we offer you these reflection essays writing tips that are based on analyses of online resources, and on professional writers’ advice.

1. How to Write a Reflection Essay. Getting Started
A reflection essay is a summary of the material studied in class that comes in a written form as your response/thoughts about what you’ve learned.
General guidelines:

  1. before writing, choose a topic;
  2. there can be one major, or several small topics in a reflection paper;
  3. go over those sources of information that you are going to rely on when writing a reflection essay;
  4. make a draft that will give you an understanding of how many and how long your paragraphs will be, what is going to be the statement, and what facts you are going to use;
  5. consider at least three-page reflection essays writing;

Our tips on writing a reflection paper:
When choosing a topic, think about the information learned and interesting facts that brought you new knowledge.
2. How to Write a Reflection Essay. Practical Part
Here are tips on what a reflection essay has to include.
General guidelines:

  1. When writing, keep to the basic rules of a five-paragraph essay:
  2. Give an introductory paragraph that tells about the author, the document, and the issue or issues you will develop.
  3. Develop your idea by dividing it into several important points and, therefore, into several paragraphs.
  4. Give solid background information. You can either put it into separate paragraphs, or weave into writing.
  5. Use topic sentences.
  6. Identify and comment on specific issues addressed in the selected text. Give examples.
  7. Answer the five W’s: who, what, when, where, and why.
  8. Provide some sense of the importance of this writing for your own faith development.
  9. Use good sentence structure, avoid sentence fragments and fused sentences, and choose language which expresses your meaning.

Our tips on writing a reflection paper:

  1. I know that a typed text will require more writing, than a hand-written one:-P However, it will also result positively on a general impression from writing. Now think.
  2. Use formal language.
  3. Check your spelling and punctuation

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