Imaginative Essays: How Wild Is Your Imagination?

Imaginative Essays: How Wild Is Your Imagination?

No research, no sources, and no materials are needed to write an essay… Can you imagine that? Yes, this is what writing essays on imagination is all about.

And what did you think? If you thought about writing an essay on imagination or something like that, most probably you did not get detailed instructions from your teacher. Thus, we are glad to present you necessary details on how to write imaginative essays.

The gist of imaginative essays

The words “imagination” and “fiction” have almost the same meaning, and creating an imaginative essay boils down to making a fiction story. In other words, you can imagine any fantastic situation and develop a story.

Things to discuss in imaginative essays

Topics for imaginative essays vary greatly, starting from some rather trivial things like historical events up to absolutely incredible situations like space traveling, future of our planet, and so on. You can find a couple of free imaginative essays to check what topics other students tend to cover.

How to develop a strong imaginative essay

First, you need to come up with the main idea. Will some historical or future events be the basis of your paper? If you choose a historical perspective, better add several real facts to your imaginative essay.

If you want to talk about future events in your imaginative essay, pick something that is real as a starting point. For instance, imagine that Barack Obama is elected for the second term. Describe in your imaginative essay the life of the United States in that case.

To make your essay more impressive and realistic:

  • add sensory details, e.g. sounds, smells, etc.
  • make up dialogues;
  • describe some changes in the characters of your paper.

If you lack ideas, our tips for writing a life changing event essay might be helpful. Recommendations for making short descriptive essays will be useful too.