Essays about art are papers on ancient or modern art works. To write such type of essay, students must know about the fine details of art and the pattern of writing essays about art. Those who find it difficult to start their essay in spite of the guidelines offered by professors can refer to some sample essays to get an idea.
In order to write essays about art successfully, students must know the details about the art topic chosen. They must research for the complete details about the topic related to art. The following tips help the students to write their art papers easily.
Essays about art: Topic ideas
Certain topic ideas for essays about art are as follows:

  • The topic can be about ancient art or contemporary art.
  • The topic can be about the changes in art works from past to modern years.
  • The topic can be about technologies and features of modern art and its effects.
  • The topic can be about features and technical characteristics of art.
  • The topic can be about a particular artist.

Essay about art is easy to write when students follow these tips provided they know the complete and correct details of the art work. Students can use the above tips to write good essays about art.
Essays about art: Useful tips
In order to write strong essays about art, the following format must be followed:

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Many students have some difficulties with essay writing. Of course, it is quite a specific task which requires attention, precision and good writing skills. What to do if you feel some lack in the latter? Essay writing lessons will be your rescue.
What are essay writing lessons?
If you are not aware of what essay writing lessons are, you should think of some training where professionals teach you to write academic papers. These lessons are very effective, and students gain the necessary skills which enable them to write winning papers. Why are they so helpful?

  1. Essay writing lessons provide professional aid. Trainers use effective technique of teaching, they give useful tips for writing, and they know the major requirements to essay writing. So, you will be able to write only winning essays.
  2. Essay writing lessons presuppose individual approach. Thus, trainers will help you to overcome your own difficulties. If you cannot possible master thesis statement writing, you will surely have the necessary assistance in this part writing.
  3. Essay writing lessons are held during your study. So, you will be able to have professional assistance with your assignment. Of course, you should not think that during your essay writing lessons you will do your homework, but still you can ask your trainers to give you some pieces of advice.

Where to find essay writing lessons?

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Plagiarism is a serious crime punished by law. Still, learning from examples remains one of the most effective methods. Working on one’s term paper a learner is free to use an English sample essay. Learning by fits of starts students are often short of ideas concerning the discussed objects. English sample essay could become a source of inspiration for underachieving students.
Frankly speaking, it is really difficult for the students to resist the temptation of copy-pasting sentences from an English sample essay. Academic writers often make their papers look attractive. It is advisable not to lose self-control and use one’s own ideas working on essays. English sample essay may be used for creating awareness of the topic and imitating its structure or style. Learners need to use the sample as a source of inspiration instead of thoughtless copying it.
Tips for working with an English sample essay

  • Analyze the main idea of the paper. Define the thesis statement of the English sample essay. Decide whether you agree with it or not.
  • Pay attention to the topic sentences of the English sample essay. Do they support the thesis statement or not?
  • Analyze the transitions between different parts of the English sample essay. Try to make your work an all-in-one-piece. Integrity of the text is a must. Different parts of the main body need not only to support the thesis statement, but to be logically structured as well.

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Death penalty is a very disputable issue; that is why writing essays on death penalty is always very interesting.
When writing an essay on death penalty, you will have an opportunity to investigate, analyze and express your opinion. We offer you some interesting topics which you can choose for your essay on death penalty.

  1. Death Penalty: Pros and Cons. You can analyze both points of view on capital punishment in your essay on death penalty and express your opinion.
  2. Death Penalty and Religion. Most religions say, “Do not kill another human”. In that case, why does society tolerate death penalty? Try to explain this paradox in your essay on death penalty.
  3. Death Penalty: Punishment or Revenge? In your essay on death penalty, explain whether you think society has the right to punish a felon by means of death penalty or not.
  4. Death Penalty: Irremediable Mistakes. Do a research about how often people are executed by mistake and represent your results in your essay on death penalty.
  5. Death Penalty: American Paradox. Most developed countries prohibit capital punishment. For example, all members of the European Union do not use death penalty. The USA is also a developed democratic country. Why, in your opinion, does capital punishment still exist in the USA? Give a well-reasoned answer for this question in your essay on death penalty.
  6. Death Penalty: Is It Effective? Try to analyze in your essay on death penalty whether this kind of punishment really does decrease crime rate.

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The variety of topics for essays is vast. One of the recent problems that should be explored in essays is the usage of cell phones. However, some students find it difficult to write essays about cell phones as they cannot find good ideas on the issue.
If you are one of such students, than this article is for you. It presents several topics that you can disclose in your essay about cell phones. Consider them below.

  1. The first possible topic for essay about cell phones is the invention and development of this mean of communication. You may include the history of cell phones, describe the first phones and compare it with modern cell phones.
  2. You can write your essay about cell phones about advantages and disadvantages of their usage and their influence on people’s health.
  3. These days the reason of many car accidents is the usage of cell phones during driving. Thus, here is another possible topic for your essay about cell phones. You can discuss this problem in your essay and advice on alternative ways of providing the law that forbids usage of the cell phones while driving.
  4. Another possible topic for the essay about cell phones are the innovations in this industry. You can tell about the popularity of iPhones and touchpods. In such essay about cell phones, you can tell about such companies as Nokia, Samsung and Macintosh.
  5. You can also give an advice on how to choose cell phones and describe a perfect phone in the essay about cell phones.

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