Being Polite in Writing

Being Polite in Writing

Living in society you should posses a couple of features that enable you to live among people and to interact with them successfully. Politeness is among those skills.

But why should we be polite?

First of all, if you want people to hear you and treat what you say seriously, you should be polite.

By being polite, you show the level of your personal development and the level of your upbringing. By being polite, you show your respect. At the end, if someone treats you rudely by talking to him politely you can win him. What is really significant here is not to loose patience and not to answer him/her rudely.

Politeness is generally accepted in all spheres of life. You should be polite while talking, while acting and also in writing. There exist generally accepted forms of politeness that aim to show your good treatment towards the one you address to.

For example, when you start your letter you write: “Dear All/Sir/Madam”, if you know the name of the addressee you address to him/her by name.

In the body of the letter, when informing about some bad news or arguing about some issues, one should apply the constructions containing special forms of politeness helping to lighten the impression of the information received. At the end of the letter, one should use the forms of politeness like “Best regards, Sincerely yours, Your faithfully, Looking forward to serve you”, etc.

When writing, you should mind not only the content but also the spelling and the grammar of your letter. When you send a letter and it is full of mistakes it can be perceived as being impolite too. It shows that you do not care much about the addressee, not only that it is hard to read a message that is full of mistakes, but also that you do not care about the impression you make. This means that he/she is not important to you.

So, every day, in all spheres of life, we should do our best to be polite. It would help us to interact successfully not only with people around, but also with ourselves. We would learn to respect both others and ourselves. We then also have a right to expect the others to be polite with us and treat us with respect too.