A Reaction Paper Sample: Check Unbelievable Specimens of Writing

A Reaction Paper Sample: Check Unbelievable Specimens of Writing

It’s time to experiment!

Let’s take a few facts, some 200 grams of evaluation and dissolve it all in a liter of impressions.

If you mix everything the right way, you’ll get… a reaction paper!

A Reaction Paper Sample: Definition and Key Features: Learn More

First of all, take a look at what you’re dealing with:

A reaction paper is an essay written on a certain topic and describing your emotions and impressions of the issue in question.

Now put on your rubber gloves and check how a reaction paper differs from other papers!

A Reaction Paper Sample and Other Genres: Learn to Differentiate

Don’t confuse a reaction paper with other widespread types of writing! Check this table:

Reaction paper

  1. Mentions key details;
  2. Offers a brief analysis of an issue;
  3. Requires the author to describe his/her own impressions.

Cover letter

  1. Complements the CV as a part of an application;
  2. Can be of several types (application prospecting and networking letter);
  3. Explains why you want to get the position.


  1. Focuses on a certain topic;
  2. Usually requires some analysis of an issue;
  3. Must prove the initial thesis statement.

Curriculum vitae

  1. Mentions the major stages of your life;
  2. Outlines the main dates briefly;
  3. Contains sections such as:
    • Personal statement;
    • Work experience;
    • Education;
    • Skills;
    • Hobbies;
    • References.


  1. Provides a short account of an event/speech;
  2. Summarizes key ideas;
  3. Offers an opinion on the situation.

Research paper

  1. Requires individual research;
  2. Incorporates various viewpoints;
  3. Deals with a highly topical issue.

And now, when you know the properties of a reaction paper, it’s time to see a concrete example!

A Reaction Paper Sample: Check an Incredibly Enthralling Essay!

A Sample of a Reaction Paper on Global Warming

Of all the threats that the Earth is facing currently, global warming is the most actual one. Moreover, it entails the most deplorable outcome. Because of air pollution, rare species disappearing and radiation reaching the Earth through holes in the ozone layer, life on Earth is highly endangered. Unless anything is done, humankind might not survive.

It seems to me that something has to be done. In my opinion, the threat is too high to be ignored. I believe that people should avoid using the most common air pollutants, i.e., they should always choose vehicles that do not contaminate the environment so badly and avoid otherwise littering the environment. Moreover, hunting endangered species must be prohibited as well.

However, I disagree that the problem is insoluble. Although the level of pollution is rather high, a lot of species can be saved and a more environment-friendly approach can be undertaken.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that the planet can and has to be saved. As soon as people start caring, they will be able to change a lot.

A Reaction Paper Sample Compared to Different Genres: Examples.

Are you going to start writing a reaction paper? Hold it – you’re still about to see the way it compares with other types of writing like examples of resume, a sample of essay writing, an example cover letter, example of a reference, a sample of resume, a summary and even a cover letter for CV!
Paper Samples: Extracts

Reaction paper

“I agree that abortions must be allowed. However, I think that everything has to be done to decrease abortion rates. This can be achieved by providing sex education in schools and informing students on the issues of contraception and safe sex […]”

Cover letter examples

“Since your company is currently running business with a number of foreign companies, namely German, Austrian and Swiss partners, I believe that my excellent command of German and French will enable me to help you build more trustful relationships with foreign partners […]”

“I am a specialist in IT, which means that I can help your company take advantage of current technologies and thus become more efficient […]”

Essay paper

“Taking a closer look at Shakespeare’s play, one can distinctly see that there are actually two main themes in Romeo and Juliet: love that conquers all and vengeance that destroys everything. […]”

CV cover letter

“1999-2004: I worked in a private company as a CEO assistant, which helped me to understand the main principles of company management and at the same time train my logistical skills.

2004-2006: I worked as an interpreter in a large company. […]”


According to statistical data, staff lateness rates have increased considerably over the past few years. The phenomenon can be explained by both personal and non-personal factors […].

Research paper

Although Johnson claims that cancer can actually be prevented rather than only cured, it is obvious that medics have no idea of what causes cancer – they only know how it evolves[…]

Resume examples

“I graduated from New York University in 2005 […],”

“I have been working at Samsung Co. for 4 years […]”

Example of reference

“Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to recommend you a specialist in the sphere of web design. Mr. Jefferson is a highly experienced expert who has offered his services to such companies as SwissWatch.Co, and is highly reliable […]”

Example of a summary

“Cinderella is a tale about a young orphan girl whom an evil stepmother turned into a servant […]”

Now that you know the basics, let’s see the stages of the experiment.

A Reaction Paper Sample: Remember Fascinating Pieces of Advice!

To write a good reaction paper, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is the whole thing about?
  2. What do I (dis-)like about it?
  3. What do I (dis-)agree with?
  4. How do I feel about the issue?
  5. Do I associate it with anything?
  6. What is my first impression?
  7. Would I like to add anything to it?
  8. How does the whole thing make me feel?

And make sure that your paper answers these questions. Congratulations – you now have everything to create a perfect reaction paper!