Essay on My School Writing an essay on my school is not difficult since you already know your school in and out; however, making further observations can be helpful. You need to gather important facts about the school, if you don’t know already, in order to be able to write about it. This article helps you to write an essay on my school with tips and questions that need to be answered in order to write a winning essay on my school.

How to write an essay on my school?

The introduction of the essay on my school should begin with the name of the school, its location and other simple information about the school.

The body of the essay on my school is where you answer majority of the questions about the school. This is the part of the essay on my school where you answer questions like

  1. Describe the school building location.
  2. Describe the building from the outside.
  3. Describe the departments and their locations (floor).
  4. Describe the school’s surroundings.
  5. Describe the school from inside.
  6. Describe the students in the school.
  7. Describe the kind of results that the students in this school get. Describe the competitive spirit in the students.
  8. Describe the curricular activities.
  9. Describe the school’s education system in terms of whether it makes use of online learning management system.
  10. Describe the faculty.
  11. Describe the standard of education provided.
  12. Describe other facilities provided by the school.

The description of items as mentioned above should help describe the school and the level of education there in an essay on my school. However, it is important to note that these points need to be organized well before beginning to write the body of the essay on my school.

The final part of the essay on my school is the conclusion where you can express your own opinions and feelings about the school.

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