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Critical writing normally includes a critical assessment of a book or a journal article. When writing a critique, you are required to both state your own opinion and critically assess the author's views and arguments on the subject matter discussed.

How do we ensure that a critique paper completed by writers withstands the necessary requirements?

Things that can seem tough to you because of a heavy workload or pressure for time will, certainly, be accomplished by writers specializing in critical writing.

Our writers will start with:

  • Reading an article or a book and taking notes on the author's main points;
  • Dividing the source into parts and evaluating the author's standpoints and major arguments;
  • Writing an introduction, stating the author's thesis statement;
  • Summarizing the major ideas outlined in the book or article as well as the methodology or evidence used by the author to back up the arguments stated;
  • Reviewing all material critically by questioning the expertise of the author, methodology used, interpretation of the results and overall logic underlying the major arguments;
  • Wrapping up your critique paper with a smoothly written conclusion along with the final remarks, your own opinion on the subject matter, and an assessment of the possible target audience;
  • Revising and editing the final work, checking it for organization, clarity, minor mistakes, e.g. punctuation and typos;
  • Citing information and materials used in the written critique paper.

Our editors will then proofread the work checking the paper for plagiarism, overall organization and format.

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