Living in the era of internet, we experience all the positive and negative aspects of such era. In the context of academic writing such consequences imply that we no longer have to receive or handle hard copies of essays. With downloadable essays, students and tutors are able to modify, edit, and revise the work in a convenient manner, not applicable to paper essays.
Other advantages of downloadable essays are related to the recently popular writing services which provide students with the result of researches in the form of essays they can use. Thus, article will discuss the benefits of downloadable essays and the way they can be utilized.
The main apparent advantage of downloadable essays is that they come in an electronic form. If they were not, the whole idea of utilizing the results of the provided research to write one’s own essay would not have sense. Downloadable essays can be received electronically, either through direct download or through email, and accordingly, used at will.
After the delivery, downloadable essays can be read, modified, copied, and rephrased easily to write an individual essay with the received information. The amount of time saved can be measured through a simple example of looking up for a suggested reference in a downloadable essay. If it was a paper essay, the student would have had to enter the titles in the references manually to look up the titles on the internet. With downloadable essays, they can copy the titles in seconds.
In terms of the latter, the scale of the efforts can be assessed when there are more than 10-20 references and the student is out of time. Thus, it can be stated that downloadable essays have many advantages that save time and efforts.

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