Students are usually instructed to present literature reviews without any idea of what this work actually is and is not. Though it is possible to guess that writing a literature review should be connected to data gathering, such information is not enough to create a worthwhile project. To help you comprehend deeper the essence of writing a literature review, let us focus your attention on different aspects of this writing.
Essence of Writing a Literature Review
Writing a literature review presupposes the idea of gathering, evaluating, and introducing the information that is related to the chosen field of study. It is not enough to gather and enumerate the sources used. It is very important to unite all pieces of information and create a logically organized body with a properly defined idea and purposes.
Purposes of Writing a Literature Review
To be able to succeed in writing a literature review, any student has to comprehend the purposes which need to be achieved.
If writing a literature review is a separate task and should not be connected to any other project, it is necessary to:

  • Organize properly a title page;
  • Create an outline;
  • Develop a good introductory part;
  • Put in-text citations in accordance with the format required;
  • Make sure that the end of the paper sounds clearly.

If writing a literature review is one of the parts of writing a serious project, it is necessary to mind the following:

  1. Connection to the topic of the project;
  2. Evaluation of the literature that is used in the project;
  3. Correspondence to the format of the paper;
  4. Writing style that is used in the paper;
  5. Proper transitions between other parts of the project.

Hope this information helps you succeed in writing a literature review!
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