It seems we know why you feel nervous because of your essay on science and technology. At a glance, you think you know almost everything about modern gadgets and technologies. You know how a cell phone works, how your washing machine, mp3 player, and computer can be started and turned off.
Yet, when it comes to writing essays on science and technology, it turns out that you know almost nothing about real technologies and scientific breakthroughs. This is exactly what makes you feel so confused and nervous about your essay on science and technology.
Well, do not panic and calm down! Check some useful hints from our writers that can help to improve your essay on science and technology and the final grade.
Defining your background knowledge
Before writing essays on science and technology, it is better to check what exactly you know about current technologies and scientific findings. First, make a list of all new technologies that come to your mind. Try to recall when this or that gadget was released, what it is for, its peculiarities, etc.
Planning essays on science and technology
After you decide on the main idea, you have to think what specific aspects you will consider in the essay on science and technology. Imagine that you are talking to a friend. What would you like him/her to know about your subject? How would you explain the main points? Answers to these questions will help you create an outline for your science and technology essay.
Adding more science
Now, it is better to transform what you have and what your essay on science and technology will be about into scientific language and style. What you should do is:

  • read several scholarly articles;
  • write down terms that can describe or define things you will talk about in your essay;
  • write the final draft of your essay on science and technology imitating the scientific style and using proper vocabulary.

Reading about essays on current issues might be helpful as well.

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