In general, writing a research paper proposal can be called rather an intimidating and long process. However, writing a research paper proposal will not seem that troublesome if you…

  • have enough time for the completion of your research paper proposal;
  • know what each part of your research paper proposal is designed for and what info they should include;
  • have useful tips for writing.

If procrastinating is not one of your habits, consider that your proposal is almost ready, because right now we will outline all necessary steps of creating research papers proposals.
Research papers proposals: step 1
Think about a catchy title for your research paper proposal. Make sure it reflects the gist of your work and it is formulated in the way that will grab the reader’s attention.
Research papers proposals: step 2
Write an abstract. Probably, your teacher will not ask for one. Yet, if he/she asks, you will have to write a 300-word summary of your work.
In fact, we should say that some students prefer to take Step 1 and Step 2 at the very end. This is up to you.
Research papers proposals: step 3
Now, you get down to writing an introduction, where you have to demonstrate a perfect understanding of the chosen topic. Clearly state the main purpose of writing your paper, highlight major points you will make.
Research papers proposals: step 4
Make a literature review. Basically, you need to tell about sources used.
Research papers proposals: step 5
Write your research proposal methodology. As you can guess, here you describe used research methods.
Research papers proposals: step 6
Predict results and discuss their potential impact. At this stage, you will not have results yet. You simply need to suggest your ideas about possible outcomes.
Good luck!

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