You have never prepared something like a scientific essay before and certainly have heaps of questions and vague points. Unfortunately, it is impossible to answer all of your questions and provide all necessary explanations in a 300-word article. However, it is a good starting point for you.
If you have never written a scientific essay before, you should first figure out what scientific writing is all about, what makes essays scientific, and some general rules of completing this assignment. Here are necessary explanations for you.
What is scientific writing?
Specific (scientific) style of writing is the main characteristic of scientific essays. What is it all about? Here are its main features:

  • the text split into paragraphs and sub-paragraphs;
  • short and precise sentences that express one major idea;
  • single words instead of superfluous phrases (for instance, phrases like “The following issues are important to keep in mind” should not be used);
  • active voice instead of passive.

What makes a good scientific essay?
Proper structuring and good content are the main attributes that make a good scientific essay. We have already mentioned that the text of scientific essays should be divided into sections and even sub-sections. Every section or paragraph should have a heading as well as sub-headings (if you have sub-sections).
These are major paragraphs that any scientific essay should consist of:

  • Introduction, which sets the scene for your work.
  • Body, where you actually disclose a topic. By the way, this is where you can add tables, diagrams, pictures, etc.
  • Conclusion is the final chapter of a scientific essay that puts everything together and may include suggestions as to the further work on the topic.

Do you want to know what scholarly essays and a coursework essay are all about? Find answers in our next articles.

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