We do not know why, but many students feel confused a little once they get a certain word limit for writing. Students even start to have questions that they normally do not have about writing essays.
It seems like you already have several questions that bother you about a 1500-word essay. Certainly, we are ready to answer all of your questions and explain how to prepare a good 1500-word essay.
What we want to start with is a question that all students have about 1500-word essays.
How long is a 1500-word essay?
All students want to know the exact number of pages that 1500 words will take. We have to tell straight away that a lot of factors affect the final number of pages in your 1500-word essay, starting from whether your essay is typed or hand written to the size of your writing or fonts.
Yet, as statistics shows, a 1500-word essay is usually 2-3 pages long.
How long will it take you to complete a 1500-word essay?
Again, it is pretty difficult to tell exactly. However, if we consider an ideal situation when you are rather familiar with a topic, have researched it a little and collected materials, completing a 1500-word essay will take 1,5-2 hours.
How should a 1500-word essay be organized?
It is rather a weird question, since a 1500-word essay does not differ from a 500-word essay or any other essay. What we mean is that a standard structure can be used to organize this type of essay.
What if you cannot meet the set word limit?
Basically, if your essay is 50 words shorter or longer, it does not affect the final grade negatively. But, if you need to make your paper look longer, try the following:

  • use 12.5 instead of 12 pt. size;
  • do not use contractions, e.g. don’t instead of do not;
  • make spacing a bit bigger, e.g. 2.1.

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