If you face the assignment to write a critical incident essay for the first time, you might be seriously puzzled. This especially refers to those students who did not get instructions from their tutors or were not attentive enough.
Anyway, you are lucky because in this article you will find necessary explanations on how to write critical incident essays. First, there are several important things you need to sort out before getting down to work on your critical incident essay.
What does a critical incident actually mean?
It is impossible to write a good critical incident essay without your understanding of this term. So, a critical incident, in other words, can be defined as a problem or challenge, something that cannot be considered as a typical occasion.
For instance, it can be a situation when a student fails to hand in his/her assignment on a due date.
What major purpose you need to achieve when writing the critical incident essay?
Well, your task boils down to analyzing a certain critical incident, defining its causes, and discussing solutions.
How exactly should your critical incident essay look like? What points should it include? Here is a detailed plan for writing good critical incident essays.
Point 1
Start your critical incident essay with background information about a critical episode. Tell when and where it happened, who was involved in it, describe some actions and words that you saw and heard.
Point 2
Give more details in your critical incident essay. Explain why this critical episode took place. Describe behavior of some people, your feelings, etc.
Point 3
Tell how the critical episode was managed, what lessons can be learned from the incident.
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