The Weimar Republic was a significant period in German history. A lot of historians may call it the worst period, since the Weimar Republic faced a lot of problems. However, times of the Weimar Republic can also be characterized by significant cultural and other changes.
Probably, at this moment, your task to write a Weimar Republic essay makes you feel a bit distressed because you lack ideas to develop. Or, you have several ideas, but you do not know which particular topic is better to touch upon in the Weimar Republic essay.
Anyway, our writers will help you concentrate and suggest a couple of topic ideas.
Idea #1
Weimar Republic essays can be devoted to the very beginning – the revolution of 1918-1919 and the impact of the Treaty of Versailles. By the way, you should pay special attention to the Treaty, since it greatly affected Germany after the World War I.
Idea #2
In your Weimar Republic essay, you can focus on the major events of 1919-1923. This was a period of crisis not only in Germany, but in the world in general. This is what you may highlight in your Weimar Republic essay:

  • Hyperinflation;
  • Beer Hall Putsch;
  • Kapp Putsch, etc.

If you choose to write about this period in your Weimar Republic essay, you may touch upon “roaring twenties” that were common for Germany as well.
Idea #3
All the above-mentioned ideas are good to cover in Weimar Republic essays. However, we can tell almost for sure that your teacher is waiting for something else. Bet he/she wants you to explain why the Republic failed. And this is what you should focus on when completing your Weimar Republic essay.
Particularly, you need to discuss several important factors that led to its failure: economic, institutional, and roles of some particular individuals.
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