dissertation topicDissertation writing is an amazing world of libraries, books, and journal articles. Unforgettable meetings with an advisor when a half of your work is disapproved and you have to write the same chapter for the third time. Finally, slight nervousness before the defense of your project and rejoicing after everything is over.
Well, sounds not that bad and intimidating. However, your experience of writing a dissertation can be completely different if you choose the wrong dissertation topic. If you are trying to make up your mind and choose a dissertation topic, the information we present here will definitely interest you.
The first question you might have about the right dissertation topic is where to get it. Actually, there are two ways to do it:

  • Look through the list of dissertation topics suggested by your advisor and choose the most appropriate one.
  • Devote some time to researching your particular field of study and choose a dissertation topic on your own.

Yet, no matter how you are going to pick a dissertation topic, you need to consider several important factors. These factors should influence your choice of a dissertation topic.
Clarity of a problem
Vague or some general issues are not the right topics for a dissertation.
Data availability
We strongly recommend you think a bit globally when evaluating the availability of data. Can all the necessary materials be found in local libraries and achieves? Or do you have to go to another city/country to get necessary information?
Relation to your future career
We are going to be brief here. There is just no point to choose a dissertation topic that is not related to your future job.
Contribution to science
Mind that a dissertation is not only a contribution to your personal development. Thus, your dissertation topic should contribute to the development of scientific knowledge.
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