1-page essayWriting a one-page essay is a common assignment for students. That is why you had better master it. This article may be rather helpful for you, as it is devoted to the secrets of writing one-page essays!
Let us discuss several issues concerning different aspects of one-page essay writing.

  2. You may write a 1-page essay of different types. Here are some of them:

    • Analysis;
    • Analogy;
    • Cause;
    • Comparison;
    • Narration;
    • Opinion;
    • Summary.
  4. As you have only one page to disclose a topic, you should keep to a rather simple structure:

    • Introduction
    • Main body
    • Conclusion

    Now, let us discuss how each of these chapters should look like. Introduction of a 1-page essay should not be too long. It should include:

    • Attention-grabbing introductory sentence;
    • Thesis statement (question, quote, etc…);
    • Background information.

    Main body of a 1-page essay should consist of three paragraphs. Each of them should:

    • Have a logical intro;
    • Support the set thesis statement;
    • Present enough supporting arguments.

    Conclusion of a 1-page essay should dot all i’s and cross all t’s. Here you need to:

    • Answer the problem posed;
    • Restate the thesis statement (not duplicate!);
    • Summarize the strongest points;
    • Give the final statement.
  6. If you want to improve your one-page essay, avoid:

    • Using passive constructions;
    • Using the verb TO BE very often (was, is, etc…);
    • Plagiarizing (use your own thoughts and ideas);
    • Presenting general ideas (narrow down and clarify).

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