500 word essay on respectAre you assigned to write a 500 word essay on respect? Then you should be ready to express your personal opinion on respect, how you understand this notion and what it means to you. Have you ever wondered about the importance of respecting someone? You have a brilliant chance to do it in your essay on respect. Let us now consider respect from different angles that can be discussed in essays about respect.

  • Respect based on fear. Very often such phenomenon can be observed within large companies, where relations between the authorities and its staff are based on the fear factor. Discussing such idea in your essay on respect, you may express your personal viewpoint on this matter. Do you consider it to be correct or wrong if we talk about the relations between a boss and a staff?
  • Respect based on affection. A grandson respects his granny not because of fear or something like that. So, there is one more way of showing your respect that you can discuss in your essay. Affection itself implies treating people you care about with respect. Discuss different manifestations of respect based upon affection in your essay on respect;
  • Respect based on steady reputation. This kind of respect can be observed everywhere, beginning with a school football team up to marketing companies. Papers on respect that aim to investigate this kind of reputation will certainly provide a recipe for acquiring a steady reputation on the basis of examples from real life.

Thus, your paper on respect will definitely be regarded as an opinion essay consisting of 500 words. So, learn all the rules of making opinion essays and follow them while writing your essay about respect. Do not forget to edit essay.
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