descriptive essayIf you are assigned to write a descriptive essay, you should, first of all, bear in mind that any descriptive essay presupposes some kind of description. The author of a descriptive essay should state some facts or feelings in it, so that the reader could imagine the whole picture of the objects described.
So, the first requirement for a descriptive essays writer is the truthfulness of the narration.
Secondly, you should always remember: whenever you write descriptive essays, you may resort to any linguistic technique you like, such as the use of metaphors, epithets, similes, personifications, etc. Thus, you may be sure that all these will certainly make for the expressiveness of your descriptive essay.
Thirdly, you should follow all the requirements for descriptive essays writing. This means that once assigned to write a descriptive essay, you should get to know the requirements for it. This might include the style required, format, size, obligatory chapters, etc.
So, once you have all necessary information concerning the process of writing descriptive essays, you may start thinking over a topic for it.
The main purpose of a descriptive essay is an account of some event, or a description of a place, person. It should not be just a plain retelling. Try to make it as catchy as possible. First, such descriptive essay will be interesting to read (surely, it will be very interesting to write essay as well), second – your work will be highly assessed.
One more point to mention: proofreading! Do not think that this part is unnecessary, since you know your work in details and there cannot be any mistakes. This is wrong. Such minor mistakes as punctuation, spelling, etc. can influence your grade greatly! Do not let them spoil your hard work – proofread your descriptive essays before handing in.
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