essays on gun controlThe United States of America is a free and democratic country and it allows its citizens to own guns. People have the right to protect themselves and they have the right to kill anybody they want. Personally I do not share this point of view and I am strongly against the fact that guns can be bought so easily. I just cannot get why the cases of Columbine killers and Virginia Tech massacre cannot prove our society that guns should be banned.
In this article I want to introduce you the arguments for the gun control. If some of you need to write essays on gun control and also share the view that guns should be banned, you can read this article further.
So, here are some essay tips for essays on gun control.

  • First of all, in essays on gun control you have to say that almost all violent crimes committed in the United States are associated with guns. It means that very often people do not use guns with the aim of self-defense. A lot of robberies and homicides are committed with the use of guns. For example, in your essay on gun control you can note that in 2005 75% of the 10.000 homicides were committed with the use of handguns.
  • In essays on gun control you have to tell about the cases of domestic violence and suicide. For instance, firearms are the most common method of committing suicide, and in your essay on gun control you can give the official statistics, which says that in 2003 53.7% of all the suicides committed in the USA involved firearms.

  • Essays on gun control cannot omit the aspect of the access to guns. There are, of course, some laws that regulate the procedure. Still, I am sure that there are a lot of violations, since at times fire arms appear in the hands of mentally ill people, who cannot control their actions.

Sure, in your essay on gun control you can introduce another point of view. Yet, do not forget that the essay on gun control should be supplied with statistic data, good examples and your strong arguments.
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