English writer Charles Dickens is well-known all over the world. In his novel “Oliver Twist” Dickens discloses the problem of misery of the 3rd class people. He described the destiny of English people who had to survive by means of deceit, grabbing and force through the history of the main character, a child from a poor family, and people surrounding him.
Students, studying English literature, may certainly be assigned to write essays on Oliver Twist. As a rule, essays on Oliver Twist give an opportunity to present their subjective opinion on the problems touched upon in this novel.
Are you assigned to write an essay on Oliver Twist? Then just read the information presented below and take advantage of it.
Let your essay on Oliver Twist be devoted to consideration of the destiny of Oliver Twist. In this case, the ideas you may present in your essay on Oliver Twist may be as follows:

  • The history of Oliver Twist reflects the real history of English people of that age. When disclosing this idea in your essay on Oliver Twist, you should tell about the secondary characters and their histories;

  • Oliver Twist was a poor boy who suffered from the persecutions of people. This idea should be supported by the quotations taken from the text of the book. That is why it is better to read the book itself (not a short summary) if you want your essay on Oliver Twist to be backed up by essential details;
  • Inspite of the immorality and cruelty of surrounding people, Oliver Twist remains kind, virtuous and faithful. When disclosing this idea in your essay on Oliver Twist, you can say that Dickens was a rather religious writer and idealized his characters a bit.

Remember that your essay on Oliver Twist should be organized in a logical manner, what means that you should present your thoughts according to a certain structure.
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