Research proposal topics are only the research proposal topics. They do not have to coincide with the topics of your dissertations. However, sometimes the role of the research proposal topics is even greater than the role of the dissertation topics. Do you wonder why it is so? The answer can be found in this article.
First of all, you should take into consideration that it is very important to choose a really good, even perfect research proposal topic. The destiny of your dissertation depends on your research proposal topic. The research proposal topics, which are not good enough, presuppose the failure. You may ask us why it is so. We can give you a simple answer.
Research proposal is normally written in order to persuade the committee to give a student a permission to conduct his or her dissertation research. If the committee is not satisfied with the research proposal topic, it will never permit the student to write the dissertation on that topic. In order to avoid the failure, students should treat the process of choosing research proposal topics as seriously as it is possible. In our turn, we will give you several pieces of advice, which are expected to help you choose a worthy research proposal topic.

  • Your research proposal topic should be interesting.
  • Your research proposal topic is aimed to awake the interest of the audience to the dissertation.
  • Your research proposal topics have to be unique; students should avoid repeating someone else’s ideas.
  • It is desirable to formulate your research proposal topic so that it attracts the readers’ attention.
  • Your research proposal topic has to reflect the main idea of your research without referring to the real sense of the dissertation or the results of the dissertation research.

So, your main task is to make your research proposal topic correspond these requirements, and you may be sure that you will get the committee’s permission to go on with your dissertation writing.
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